Eschweiler & Associates - Boutique Law Firm

Eschweiler & Associates, a leading Cleveland, Ohio-based intellectual property boutique law firm, defines its positioning, messaging and brand expression through the Clarity branding process.

As an intellectual property boutique law firm, Eschweiler & Associates is differentiated by its client-focused approach to staff development, IP protection and maximizing the value of their technology client's IP.  SooyCo helped bring clarity to the firm's focus, brand expression and messaging.

How we helped

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Tom Eschweiler says "SooyCo... breathed creative life into the project and accurately captured our key operating principles."

Brand Expression: The first step in differentiating Eschweiler & Associates was through a new visual identity, a departure from the traditional and formal approach many law firms take to their name.  A hand-lettered E&A logo provides a visual cornerstone in all of the firms marketing materials.  The E&A logotype provides continuity from the moment one arrives at the firm's Cleveland, Oho office to their online presence for their international clients.

Positioning: Eschweiler & Associates is differentiated through the concept of P3 (the Power of Three).  Through personal, print and online touchpoints, these key principles are communicated (and demonstrated) to current and prospective clients.  As one boutique IP law firm among many, this focus helps E&A align its position with their client's experience.

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